Sometimes it is difficult to find the best design solution for given integration problem. Knowledge and experience are required to cope with such situations.


Here are some projects, that I have participated in and that I found interesting and worth mentioning.

Medical institute

The objective of this project was to build integrated environment for scientist to improve their oncological diagnosis and share that knowledge. Since all patients’ data was held in hospital’s systems we needed to prepare ETL solution to acquire that data. Furthermore integration with newest medical equipment like microscope, freezer was needed. All systems were integrated in Service Oriented Architecture using WS-Security and WS-Addressing specifications.

Provisioning system

The goal was to design flexible system, allowing to manage provisioning online. Integration was design to work with variety of endpoints like AD, databases, windows powershell, email and more. All interfaces were RESTfull. Main problem here was to create a service that could be either run multiple times or work for different endpoints without need to modify compiled applications.

ITSM’s system integration

Large/Small scale integration

The main objective of this project was to design ESB solutions that allowed integration of more then two ITSM’s systems. Due to two-way update mode we expected problem in conflict situations. As you may guessed, these situations happened a lot. Therefore we decided to create conflicts resolving component.

Knowledge Base

The goal was to design environment capable of storing structural and nonstructural knowledge. It was needed to integrate with many endpoints, as knowledge is often scattered. The overall solution was designed using microservices principles.