I have deiced to share basic idea about REST service design. During this blog series I will focus on commonly used HTTP verbs and their usage. However more sophisticated will be mentioned as well. In each article I will present concept with practical examples. To design a service I will use RAML and Open API specifications.  Where this would be possible I will also prepare appropriate mule service’s implementation.

Series’ table of contents

  • GET operation an HTTP method for retrieving resources
  • GET in RESTful apps in advanced scenarios like complicated search, pagination
  • POST in RESTfullapps a way to create a resource
  • PUT operation for updating an existing resource or more
  • POST vs PUT create and/or update
  • PATCH for partial updates
  • PUT vs PATCH update or partial update
  • OPTIONS a way for full REST approach
  • Hypermedia a must have for RESTful service

I will link here appropriate article as soon as it arrives on blog.

REST service design series
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