Certified Professional

You may be assured that every piece of work is done by professional senior developer certified by MuleSoft, Oracle and Microsoft. As a result project is marked with excellent quality.


Agile work is the best way to deliver product quicker with less cost but with greater quality than in ordinary waterfall like approaches. That is how I work, so no worries IT will meets your needs.

Bright Ideas

Sometimes it is difficult to find the best design solution for given integration problem. Knowledge and experience are required to cope with such situations.

Integration blog just arrived

Integration blog just arrived

I encourage you to take a follow my integration blog. I decided to share my knowledge, tips & tricks integration related. I have been working for over five years with Mule ESB, so a lot of articles will describe this tool. However be rest assured that not every article will be about Mule ESB. I plan to describe other ESB environments as well. 

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It was a real pleasure to work with Patryk. Not only does he have very strong Java and Integration skills but also a calm and professional attitude to work. He is an excellent communicator and was a real asset to the Agile team.

Adrian Holdsworth Mulesoft Tech Lead